President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin visited Kalevala woodworking factory


During a trip to Karelia Vladimir Putin met with the members of the Legislature of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Later in the afternoon on Monday the head of state visited Kalevala woodworking factory.

"Kalevala" - Russia's first plant for the production of oriented strand board (OSB) - is the base for the development of the construction industry, primarily for low-rise industry panel and frame housing, as well as for the markets of furniture and packaging materials. Included in the production company producing polished, unsanded, decking and lined with OSB. Launch of the first stage of the plant provided the production of competitive products in demand of up to 300,000 cubic meters per year. The technical concept of the enterprise assumes without stopping the plant in the future to build and run a second production line and increase the capacity to produce plates up to 500 thousand cubic meters per year.

Kalevala woodworking factory located 6 kilometers from Petrozavodsk, plays an important role in the industrial development of Karelia in particular and Russia in general, as it is an excellent example of high-tech manufacturing.