Pulkovo freight terminal

general contract

Project implementation period: 2000–2002
Customer: Gruzovoy Terminal Pulkovo, CJSC, GlobeGround GmbH
General design engineering company: Ramboll, CJSC
(presently SIGNY GROUP, CJSC)

The project has been developed based on the Lufthansa Consulting technical specifications and pre-design studies of the Lenaeroprojekt institute. Based on this data, specialists of Kompakt, JSC have prepared the full set of project documents, which was used for execution of construction works. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has provided the credit program for this project. initial terminal capacity is 30 000 tons per year. Total area of the freight complex is 12 000 m², about 6000 m² are occupied by warehouses and cargo handling zone, the rest of the area is occupied with office, service and utility premises.