Siemens factory for production and service of gas turbines

general contract

Project implementation period: 2013 – 05.2014
Customer: Siemens Gass Turbine Technologies, LLC
General design engineering company: Assman Beraten + Planen, LLC

Construction of a new factory for production and service of gas turbines is the largest investment project of Siemens. It is implemented in frameworks of the company strategy for localization of production in Russia. The factory is intended for the complete cycle of serial production of gas turbines type SGT5-2000E and SGT5-4000F, designed to work with the 50 Hz grid. The facility will deal with machining of turbine parts and components, assembly works, factory bench testing and shipment of finished products to the Customer. All main production and auxiliary buildings, as well as infrastructural facilities ensure for functionality of the warehouse storage.

The project assumes for measure to ensure atmosphere protection, noise protection, water protection, as well as collection, recycling, deactivation, transportation and disposal of waste. Construction of the factory will be executed in a single stage, including greenfield construction of a production facility, administrative, social and utility premises alonmg with required storage areas, auxiliary buildings and structures.


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