Restoration of a regional cultural heritage site, Cubat's restaurant

Contract works

Project implementation period: 2015–2017
Customer: Alfa-Development, LTD
General design engineering company: Architectural bureau STUDIYA 44, LTD

The land plot is located on the premises of the "Park Tikhiy otdikh" cultural heritage site. Since the second half of the 18th century this part of the Bolshaya Nevka embankment was under the jurisdiction of the Hof-Intendant Office and used as state-owned fishery, a specially organised fishing ground with a small seafood restaurant. In 1810 G. P. Pilnikov, an architect, who in the beginning of the 19th century was appointed to conduct planning and construction work at the Kamenny island, developed a project of a stone house by the fishery.
In 1874, as requested by F. Geller and F. Fevr, the original building by the fishery was augmented with wooden extensions located at its flanks and the north side. V. Johansen, an architect who supervised the construction was also commissioned to build the second storey. The newly-built place became a restaurant named "Felicien" – after the owner, Felicien Fevr. In 1894 Felicien Fevr sold the lease to a famous restaurateur, "a citizen of France" – A. M. Cubat who owned a big restaurant on Bolshaya Morskaya street, 16.

Under the new owner the restaurant was soon known by his name, "Cubat"

In 1936 the former restaurant was handed over to the Spartak voluntary sports society. In 1948–1954 due to necessity to accommodate a swimming pool, boat garages and training rooms the building was completely remodeled so that its exterior suffered principal overhaul. The new building was designed along the guidelines of the Stalin-era classicism.

The project envisages re-purposing of the "Cubat's restaurant" regional cultural heritage site to be later used as sports and recreation centre without tiered rows of seats for the audience. Parts of the building are slated for demolition in order to subsequently reconstruct them in the current dimensions and preserve the architectural concept.