Georg Landrin residential complex

general contract

Project implementation period: 2017 - 2019

Customer: LLC Residential complex Georg Landrin (OOO JK Georg Landrin)

General design engineering company: Shenderovich architectural design studio (OOO Arhitecturnaya masterskaya Shenderovicha A.R.)


Georg Landrin is a housing estate with built-in premises and an integrated commercial property. This residential compound is going to be developed in 2 stages.

Total structural volume in the first stage is 140406 m²

First stage of the project includes setting up of:

  • a 451 apartment (total area of 27691,7 m² including balconies and extended enclosed balconies),
  • a preschool institution (for 105 people, children and staff, total area of 2 492 m²),
  • a parking lot (enabled to hold 296 individual parking spaces, total area of 10921,8 m²).

Total building footprint of the first stage is 6486 m², total area of the building in the first stage is 51019 m².