Office building (Alliance company)

general contract

Project implementation period: 2007–2009
Customer: Alians SPB, LLC
General design engineering company: Ramboll, CJSC (presently SIGNY GROUP, CJSC)

B+ class nine-floor office center is located along the passage from Fuchika street to Salova street. The building has been constructed using stateof- the-art materials and equipment and is provided with advanced utility system, noiseless lifts, video monitoring and fire protection, access control and management systems, air conditioning system, structured cable network and a VIP-zone with conference and reception halls, equipped with advanced electronic devices, a restaraunt and a parking in the public access area inside of the quarter. Rooms with stained glazing are present in the central part of the building, which provide for panoramic view to the SKK and ensure for high natural lighting level.