Planeta Neptun / okeanarium shopping and entertainment center

general contract

Project implementation period: 2001–2005
Customer: Rubin, CJSC
General design engineering company: Eagle Group Int. (Finland) with participation of Eagle Group Saint-Petersburg, CJSC

Planeta Neptun shopping and entertainment center is a building with total area of 28 800 m², with a semi-basement floor and two above-the ground floors, commissioned on April 27, 2006. The main point of interest of the center is the first in Russia oceanarium with the area of about 5000 m², which is located on the semi-basement and ground floor levels. The project of the building is unique if compared to other shopping malls of Saint-Petersburg. The design combines shopping area with the integrated complex object, i.e. oceanarium with a complete life support system for sea animals from various climatic regions.

The central gallery constitutes architectural center of the building with secondary lighting and natural lighting through the glassed skylight, which goes along the entire length of the gallery. Central entrance to the center from Marata street side leads directly to the gallery. The Central gallery also acts as the main distribution hub for the visitors. From that area they may enter the second floor, by means of the main stairway, two escalators, operating both for lifting and for descent, as well as by means of four large-sized lifts with lifting capacity of 2,1 tons each.

Project has been announsed the winner or the Saint-Petersburg Legislative Assembly "The best building constructed in Saint-Petersburg in 2005"

The building is provided with all technical means and navigation signs of the state-of-the-art shopping and entertainment center. Demands of the limited ability persons are accounted for and guided tours for such people are carried out in the Planeta Neptun oceanarium on the regular basis. To optimize the operation of shopping and entertainment center, an advanced dispatch control system has been implemented, which allows for transformation of the shopping center into a comfortable place for shopping, leisure and entertainment. The underground parking provides additional convinience