Pharmaceutical factory for production of finished pharmaceutical products “Polisan”

general contract

Project implementation period: 2003–2006 (1st stage), 2009–2011 (2nd stage)
Customer: Research and technological pharmaceutical company POLISAN, LLC
General design engineering company: Ramboll, CJSC (presently SIGNY GROUP, CJSC)

The project for construction of a malting plant with rated capacity of 100 000 tons per year in the Moscow region became the first in a row of Avangard bank projects, aimed to develop the malting industry in Russia. Due to implementation of the state-of-the-art processes, construction of all process facilities and auxiliary production objects has been carried out simultaneously, which allowed for 1,5 times reduction of the construction period. Concurrently, new water treatment facilities have been constructed along with artesian wells, while elevator, boiler house, transformer substations, roads and railroads have been reconstructed.

The second stage of construction occupies the area of 5778 m². Opening of this facility is an another step in the development of Saint- Petersburg pharmaceutical claster. The second stage of construction of the pharmaceutical production facility included for the production shop, warehouse complex and the power generating facility. Opening of new production lines at the Polisan factory allowed for five times increase in the production of pharmaceuticals.