Technopark complex of the Skolkovo innovation center

general contract

Project implementation period: 2013–2015
Customer: United direction for engineering and construction of new technologies development and commercialization center (Skolkovo innovation center), LLC
General design engineering company: ARUP

Skolkovo technological park is the object of the first stage of construction and is one of two key facilities of the innovation center, along with the Skoltech building. Already in the first quarter of 2014 residents and guests of the innovation center will see the first commissioned building - the office building of Skolkovo technological park. The office building of Skolkovo technological park will be located in the D1 area of Skolkovo innovation center. The building will be made of state-of-the-art environmentalfriendly easy-to-assemble modular structures.

Total area of the building, which will consist of four modules, will make up 30 000 m²

The first building of the technological park will house representative offices of the participant companies, offices of key partners and other participants of the Skolkovo innovation community. During the second stage of construction (to be implemented within 2014), objects of the laboratory (industrial) complex of the technological park will be constructed.