St. George the Victorious cathedral

general contract

Project implementation period: 1999

St. George the Victorious cathedral has been constructed in honor of the heroism of Russian warriors in the Great Patriotic War. Capsules with soil from hero cities and areas, where main battles of the Great Patriotic War took place have been placed into the basement of the cathedral. Appearance of the church combines stylistic approach of the traditional old Russian church architectonics and recognizable elements of the Saint-Petersburg architectural school. The building occupies the area of 180 m² and stands on the 1,5 m high artificial hill. A small dome crowns the hip roof broach spire having the height of 36 meters, outer walls of the cathedral are decorated with mosaic panels, illustrating warrior saints.

The cathedral is the first church made of stone, built in the city since 1917.

This cathedral symbolizes our grateful aсknowledgement of the past and our architectural message to the future. As builders, we always remember that we live and work in the city that overcame the years of war, having saved its great architecture. For us it is important not only to carry on traditions of architects of the past, but to make Saint-Petersburg a city that is worth of the new time.